Frequently Asked Questions

How are our doctors different from other doctors?
Since we focus on optimizing overall function rather than care of a specific symptom, we address all body systems. Our medical training integrates elements of several disciplines including orthopedics and musculoskeletal care, neurology, and rheumatology. We explore all treatment options through our interdisciplinary team approach.

What is Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation?
It's a medical specialty dedicated to restoring or maximizing function and self sufficiency in patients who have physical disability resulting form injury or chronic illness. Because PM&R focuses on optimizing overall function, rather than care of a specific symptom, it must address all body systems. Thus it integrates elements of several medical disciplines including orthopedics and musculoskeletal care, neurology, and rheumatology. PM&R physicians have a high degree of involvement with their patients in order to help them regain function and independence and resume the life activities that they performed prior to illness.

Why Siskin Spine & Rehab Clinic?
Whether your pain is a result of a sports injury, an overactive weekend, or a chronic problem, our specialists can help you reduce the frequency of office visits and the need for more invasive procedures. You will benefit from our ability to quickly identify and implement a proactive treatment plan. It is our unique range of services and our focus on your long term well being that makes us the best resource for care.

How do our physicians diagnose?
Our doctors’ diagnostic tools are the same as those used by other physicians such as exams and special tests. We also use special techniques like electromyography, nerve condition studies and evoked potentials. These techniques help the medical doctors to diagnose conditions that cause pain, weakness and numbness.

What sort of treatments does our medical staff offer?
We offer a variety of medical services designed specifically for each individual. Our medical doctors may prescribe medication, a spinal injection, electrotherapy or therapeutic exercise. After a thorough evaluation your physician will explain your comprehensive treatment plan in detail.

What does a Physiatrist do?
They work to restore or maximize the functional skills, self-sufficiency and mobility of people with temporary or permanent disabilities. These disabilities may range from minor sports injuries to more complex conditions such as paraplegia. As Board-certified physicians, they complete a physical medicine and rehabilitation residency specializing in patients with strokes, head injuries, chronic pain problems, neuroskeletal dysfunctions and other disabling illnesses.

What kind of difference can Siskin Spine & Rehab Clinic really make?
Since it is our goal to restore you to maximum function, the difference we make can be dramatic. A missed diagnosis could mean more pain, time and money for you. By identifying the problem early on and prescribing the appropriate treatment, we can get you back to living and enjoying life.